Viola Oil - Imprivio



Inprivio… the handprint. It is tradition handed down from father to son, with the greatest respect for the environment: a unique imprint which lingers in the mind and in the memory like a gesture of love. The search for traditional natural flavours to preserve the bond with the past: the result is a light extra virgin olive oil with a great aroma and a unique scent.

Product name: Inprivio Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Harvesting technique: picked by hand with manual or hand-held pneumatic combs.

Harvest time: October and November.

Crushing method: high-tech continuous mechanical crushing equipment.

Storage: reseal after use, keep it in a cool dry place far away from heat and light sources.

Appearance: limpid after filtering.

Density: average fluidity.

Color: green with a light golden tinge.

Aroma: to the nose it is broad and enveloping, with great freshness and complexity, marked by elegant hints of white almond flowers, artichoke leaf, thyme and mint with a coffee note on the finish.

Taste: in the mouth it is rich, complex and elegant, with strong tones of white almond and artichoke. Prevalent floral notes and balsamic sensations, it releases spicy notes of white pepper, wild thyme and cinnamon. The balance between bitter and spicy is extraordinary and in great harmony.

Its extraordinary freshness and elegance is excellent on raw or steamed fish tartare and on shellfish salads. Perfect for mayonnaise recipes with extra virgin olive oil and legume purees. Ideal for preparing roasted cod polenta, grilled tuna with red onions and basil and boiled veal with mashed potatoes. Perfect for yoghurt extra virgin olive oil pies and it also goes wonderfully with star anise mistrà flavoured donuts.