Viola Oil - Tradizione




Nuovo: the new extra virgin olive oil of the harvest. Filtered. It represents the debut of the new oil campaign, being the result of a careful selection of cultivars picked at the right level of ripeness. It is limpid with an emerald green colour and it has intense aromas of vegetation with a strong flavour. We love it to be like that until the last drop. Filtration guarantees the best preservation over time, keeping the nutritional and organoleptic properties. It’s the Nuovo Viola.


Brand name: Nuovo Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Harvest technique: picked by hand with manual or hand-held pneumatic combs.

Harvest time: October.

Crushing method: high-tech continuous mechanical crushing equipment.

Storage: reseal after use, keep it in a cool dry place far away from heat and light sources.

Appearance: limpid after filtering.

Density: average fluidity.

Color: emerald green.

Aroma: to the nose it is rich and enveloping, marked by deep vegetable notes of fresh mown grass, flanked by balsamic hints of mint and elegant notes of wild chicory, artichoke and white almond, with tomato leaf on the finish.

Taste: complex and elegant. Vegetal and wild herb notes are predominant, with artichoke and balsamic herbs as the protagonists. Sage and mint prevail. The bitter and pungent tones are persistent and well balanced.

Best used raw on classic bruschetta or Umbrian panzanella. Perfect on tomato and oregano salads. Excellent on chickpea and bean soups or with crayfish cream. It pairs very well with tuna carpaccio and grilled red meat. Perfect on rosemary pizza.