Viola Oil - Il sincero




“Il Sincero” is a monocultivar of moraiolo, a choice linked to the territory; centuries-old olive trees of modest size grounded in stony and steep hills, born out of the rocks and cultivated according to tradition. The rounded fruit, picked by hand at the beginning of the ripening phase gives life to an extra virgin olive oil of extraordinary intensity with unmistakable varietal sensations.


Product name: Il Sincero Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Harvesting technique: picked by hand with manual or hand-held pneumatic combs.

Harvest time: October and November.

Crushing method: high-tech continuous mechanical crushing equipment.

Storage: reseal after use, keep it in a cool dry place far away from heat and light sources.

Appearance: limpid after filtering.

Density: average fluidity.

Color: intense emerald green.

Aroma: to the nose it is broad, elegant and complex, marked by rich vegetal notes of fresh mowed grass and thistle, along with balsamic hints of mint and wild rosemary.

Taste: is complex and persistent with a predominance of vegetable tones of thistle and chicory followed by pungent notes of black pepper, cinnamon and wild rosemary on the finish. Strong bitter notes with a persistence of pungent tones.

Its strong taste and its wide structure particularly enhance bean soups and chickpea creams with toasted bread. Excellent on pork tenderloin in lard crust and wild mixed green salads. Excellent dressing to pair with game on the spit, jugged hare and roasted pigeon breast with sweet bellpeppers. Excellent on aged cheeses such as fossa pecorino. Ideal on orange and mandarin sorbets.