Viola Oil - Tradizione



You look around and you wonder if it is the earth or the stone that takes care of these age-old olive trees. Plants that grow in stony, calcareous soil with good drainage and at the perfect altitude for the cultivation of the olive tree. Small-sized, low yielding olive trees cared for and touched only by human hands.

Product name:

TRADIZIONE Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Harvesting technique:

Picked by hand with manual or hand-held pneumatic combs

Harvest time:

October and November

Crushing method:

High-tech continuous mechanical crushing equipment


Reseal after use, keep it in a cool dry place far away from heat and light sources

Appearence: limpid after filtering.
Density: average fluidity.
Color: green with golden tinge.
Aroma: fragrant and elegant to the nose with hints of vegetal notes which recall the artichoke, white almond and sage. Flanked by the balsamic scent of rosemary and wild mint.

Taste: it is fine and enveloping, marked by vegetal tones of thistle, aromatic notes of mint and spicy nuances of black pepper and cinnamon. Bitter and spicy notes are well expressed and balanced.

It has multiple uses in the kitchen for both cooked and raw dishes. Used to finish pasta and risotto dishes. Ideal on tuna marinades, shellfish au gratin and vegetable soups. Excellent for vegetable preserves in oil such as artichokes and roasted peppers. Also excellent with grilled radicchio, pinzimonio, artichoke salads with parmesan flakes, meat sauce and fried fish.